Basic management

12 steps necessary to basic management

The following steps outlines the broad steps necessary to manage:

  1. Know Your Team;
  2. Know what will make your team successful;
  3. Allocate responsibilities;
  4. Empower your team;
  5. Plan;
  6. Execute tasks according to plan;
  7. Review execution;
  8. Review plans;
  9. Take corrective action;
  10. Communicate plans and attainment up and down;
  11. Innovate & Improve; and
  12. Develop your team.

Many people keep their information in different applications. They have files for unstructured information or free text in their editors or word processors—perhaps even in a wiki. They keep semi-structured information in outliners or reference managers and have databases for highly structured information, like addresses and inventories. ConnectedText is the perfect tool to consolidate all your “stuff” in one easily accessible place. It has powerful tools to collect, connect, understand and retrieve this information.

It is easy to import your information into ConnectedText. And should you ever decide to discontinue use of ConnectedText, your information can be easily and reliably exported to text or HTML. So you are not locked into a proprietary data scheme.

ConnectedText is much more than a personal information system. It is designed for storing, locating and navigating your information. You will be surprised how many tools it provides for this. With the tremendous quantity of information available nowadays, a tool like ConnectedText is important and necessary. Links provide the beginning for connecting your information, but they are only the beginning!
Working in ConnectedText is a joy. No need to learn difficult commands or formatting options. No HTML tags. Just type your text using simple rules in the true wiki way. All text is rendered using cascading style sheets (CSS). They can be changed any time. You can even create additional styles for your own purposes (though you do not have to do so by any means). And with the Navigator, you can see what the relationships are between topics in graphical way, which gives a global view of the stored information.