“Meeting bloody meetings”

Every working person has been involved in a meeting, one or another time. The general comment regarding meetings is that they are a “waste of time”, that there is “no value” to a meeting and the best of all is that “a meeting is not work”. This is a real problem, because meetings are an integral mechanism of management. Meetings should be the culmination of the review of planned activities, identification of corrective action and holding people to account.

Meetings are to be planned in detail as far as the agenda, time allocated and expected output. All participants should be engaged and feeling that they are productively contributing. If not, the person should probably not attend the meeting. It is not an information session.

There are 2 types of meetings, namely the regular and frequent meeting interventions to review the execution company activities and then there is the ad hoc/as required review of specific issues important to the team/group/company. Both types should be carefully planned.

Management without proper meetings, is very difficult.effective-meetings-productive-tips


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