a manager’s reponsibilities


A manager is responsible for a defined piece of work within a department/division/business. The success for a manager is to deliver the determined objectives for that unit within the agreed duration, budget and sustainability. A manager is not only responsible to deliver results, but to transcend the present and build the necessary management systems to sustain and increase performance continuously.

Managers should be focusing to deliver in the short-term, but never lose sight of implementing systems that will enable sustainability of results and allow more time to be spent on innovation to either grow revenue or decrease cost, without compromising om quality.

In large corporate organisations, the manager is exposed to formal managerial planning processes that are schedule to a corporate calendar. In smaller organisations, the manager/owner can determine the managerial cycle. The managerial cycle is

  • forecasting, (Plan)
  • capacity planning, (Plan)
  • scheduling, (Plan)
  • executing, (Do)
  • reviewing and (Check)
  • corrective action. (Act)

The art of management is to motivate and lead the team to accomplish the objectives set.

Do you follow these steps as a manager?


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